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Unblock skype in Oman - Also works in UAE etc & unblocks gtalk and other programs

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Our valued customer submitted experience below "Making VOIP calls from Oman easily, I did it!"

"In my line of work, I need to travel frequently. Making phone calls back to the United States tends to cost a small fortune. VOIP from Oman with services like Skype and text over Gtalk are often the best way to go. However, traveling in countries like Oman means many web sites and services are not accessible due to government-mandated Internet filtering. So making VOIP calls from Oman can be quite a tricky business, but not impossible."

"So how do you manage to call with VOIP from Oman? The trick is tunneling. While I'm no expert on the subject, this is basically how it works. Any data that you send must travel through your ISP (internet service provider). In this case, I was using Omantel. Whatever data you request needs to be encrypted so that even the ISP cannot read its contents. Only the receiving end, a computer in another country is able to decipher that data. This way, it doesn't matter what country you are in."

"Finding a service that will provide this "tunnel" through the internet can be quite tricky, since many of these sites are blocked in countries like Oman. This leads to a bit of a "chicken and the egg" conundrum. However, I was able to access VpnAccounts.com from within Oman on my recent trip, and had a great overall experience with them. I was expecting problems to keep me from getting my work done, but they didn't. Instead, I was able to make clear and reliable calls via Skype, conduct live business chat over GTalk, and access every blocked site I previously could not. Now, using Omantel was just like using the Internet in the United States. What my coworkers had told me was impossible, using VOIP from Oman, was now easy."

"I was able to save plenty of money on my most recent trip by paying just for my Omantel service, and no additional long-distance international fees. VOIP calls from Oman were just as clear and dependable as I needed, and I was even told a few times that I sounded clearer than I did through a cell phone. That's pretty impressive. "

"Whether you are trying to make Skype calls via VOIP calls from Oman or just have a live text meeting with a colleague via GTalk, VpnAccounts.com has got you covered. I'll definitely be doing business with them again on my next trip."

The person took their time to submit a story about how the VPN service helped them in Oman. Since it is rare for people to actually go to such length and submit lengthy feedback it was worth showcasing it for others to read that perhaps are in the same situation.